They Wandered Off

If you didn’t know what being lost feels like, now you do. It doesn’t feel very good, does it? This is why anchors are so important in life. You need things that you know you can always come back to. It can be a person that you would trust with your life, or a place that you know will always be the same. An anchor is something that will never let you down. This page is what will never let you down. No matter how bad you or my server messes up, you will always fall back here, to this wonderful place we call an error page.

Now there’s no point in reflecting on such a thing as we all should know it’s a waste of time. Go on with whatever project or adventure you were on. Find that font you need that I have or that I can design you. Pursue your dreams, your passion, your career, your goal, for there is only the fun of it that’s left in the end.

If you need a hug send me an email.