Villeray is a sans-serif designed for maximum versatility. With 8 weights, plus an italic and a charming rounded edition, you can achieve many different styles. Villeray also comes with many different alternates, most of them in stylistic sets, so that if you don’t like a particular character, you can replace it with an alternate. The project was started back in august 2015.

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Villeray has extensive language support. It supports:

If somehow you need more glyphs, you can email me here. If you just need a couple more characters I can probably make a free update just for you so don’t hesitate.

OpenType Features

This is a table of the most important OpenType features you might need. For an exhaustive list, see the technical details section.
NoteDepending on your browser, you might not be able to see the different features.

NormalWith Feature
Fractions1 5/9 2015/10/251 5/9 2015/10/25
Tabular Numbers0123456789
Ligaturesfi ff fl ff fl JD...
Stylistic Alternatesa g @ {} 8 I J 0 4 S f M...a g @ {} 8 I J 0 4 S f M...
Contextual Alternates4:20 jj GROßE4:20 jj GROßE

And even more!

Technical Details

This is a more detailed analysis of the whole font family. If you worry about this kind of details, do read on.

Tech Specs

Version 1.000; ttfautohint (v1.5)
1,107 for the romans and 1,106 for the italics.
310.6 KB

Full OpenType Feature List

  • Access All Alternates (aalt)
  • Character Composition/Decomposition Substitution (ccmp)
  • Localized Forms (locl) for Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Moldavian, Romanian, Kazakh, Polish, Azeri, Catalan, Dutch, Guaraní, Serbian and Macedonian.
  • Subscript (subs)
  • Superscript (sups)
  • Numerators (numr)
  • Denominators (dnom)
  • Fractions (frac)
  • Ordinals (ordn)
  • Proportional Figures (pnum)
  • Tabular Figures (tnum)
  • Case-Sensitive Forms (case)
  • Historical Forms (hist)
  • Standard Ligatures (liga)
  • Historical Ligatures (hlig)
  • Discretionary Ligatures (dlig)
  • Slashed Zero (zero)
  • Stylistic Alternates (salt)
  • Stylistic Set 1 (ss01) for alternate 'a'.
  • Stylistic Set 2 (ss02) for alternate '8'.
  • Stylistic Set 3 (ss03) for alternate 'g'.
  • Stylistic Set 4 (ss04) for alternate '@'.
  • Stylistic Set 5 (ss05) for alternate Cyrillic Zhe, Ka and Kje.
  • Stylistic Set 6 (ss06) for alternate braces.
  • Stylistic Set 7 (ss07) for alternate 'I'.
  • Stylistic Set 8 (ss08) for alternate 'S'.
  • Stylistic Set 9 (ss09) for alternate '4'.
  • Stylistic Set 10 (ss10) for alternate 'J'.
  • Stylistic Set 11 (ss11) for alternate 'M'.
  • Stylistic Set 12 (ss12) for alternate 'f'.
  • Contextual Alternates (calt)

Fun Facts

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Villeray is available for free on, but if you use it professionally, you should donate. You can give the amount you want. As a donationware, Villeray is powered by donations. It helps to keep it free.

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